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New Town of Brownsburg meeting policies are limiting the opportunities for impacted property owners to ask questions, share perspectives and provide feedback as the industrialization of our area continues, so the demand for yard signs is stronger than ever! We believe that feedback can only improve any project, so WE WANT YOURS NOW! Help us select the next sign campaign by voting on the following choices or adding a new one:

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Submission #1 This sign definitely illustrates how inappropriate the borders will become between residential housing and heavy industrial semitruck traffic. Brownsburg Town Council seems to think that signs will solve all these concerns, so let's see if they are right!

"Please quiet those diesel engines and airbrakes so that our babies can sleep, please and thank you."

This is just a reminder that developers and industrial tenants should "make nice" with their new neighbors by negotiating on THEIR buffering standards before these neighbors start making new alliances. They will have full exposure to all of your employees twice a day, every day!
Submission #2
Submission #3 Every choice has a consequence, my friends. When you put the needs of developers and property owners who are selling out rather than buying in above all else, the votes will easily determine your fate. Some of these Town Council members won their seats because they were the ONLY choice. Run against them!

Seriously, all offers considered!   
When multiple neighbors tried to share their valid concerns about flooding in Clermont Heights before adding over two million square feet of concrete warehousing, they were silenced for being repetitive. So sorry to bore you with their fears about the destruction of their homes, APC members! Repetition should not be silenced. It should strengthen the testimony and compel you to address the concern with the developer before granting approval. The lawyer's best guess about how speculative warehouses will operate should not comfort you into an easy approval. Approvals should contain restrictions for when these "best guesses" are misleading and/or deceptive. Submission #4
Submission #5 Landowners are accountable for the legacy they leave behind. Andre & Julia Lacy have an impeccable history for philanthropy and civic leadership. Their foundation continues to make a lasting impact on programs like "Dress for Success" where support is provided for professional development. Oh, the irony as their heirs sell out to places where employees can wear pajama pants to work, "highly skilled" = "passes a drug test on interview day" and the only upward mobility is when they launch their CEOs up in space. Maybe we should change the name of this area to "Lacy Logistics Park" so their heirs can own the damage that they have caused. Why drag Reagan's name through these dumpster fire projects?
This set explains itself and is yet another example of how developers and industrial tenants need to connect with their new neighbors before development begins. While the Brownsburg Town Council is easily flattered by your presentations, you are going to have to work a little harder to earn the support of your immediate neighbors. We encourage you to have open meetings with residents that share your borders and put pressure on Town Staff to host as many public hearings as possible before these signs turn into billboards. Submissions #6, #7 & #8
Submission #9 Poor, poor Joe! He is getting worked to death as the legal counsel for all these different industrial developers. Please, Brownsburg Town Council, give this poor man a break! While I am sure you are making him a ton of money, he has aged 20 years over the last 2. We are certainly not saying that Debbie Cook is keeping Joe Calderon locked in a secret dungeon under Town Hall and only lets him out to bring new industrial projects to Brownsburg, but we are also not NOT saying that.
Easy question to answer... Will these dramatic industrial developments increase or decrease Brownsburg's impressive ranking on the "Best Places to Live" Report from 2021? Whatever amenities are added to the west side of town will be hidden by the fortress of 65' tall industrial buildings that clog traffic patterns for anyone trying to get in or out of the area. Is the $3 discount at an over-crowded swimming center really worth the 30-45 minutes travel time added to your DAILY commute? Submission #10
Submission #11 If you can't find any humanity for the adjacent neighbors, then how about their pets? How do you see this playing out for them? Certainly can't let them outside anymore with semitruck routes at the very end of their driveways.
Town Council is allowing for a fire sale of all available properties for industrial development. Just because you sprinkle a few, tiny commercial chains in the front does NOT make this commercial development. Shame on Town decision makers for not understanding this. The concerns with unloading all land with one predominant development type is this: what happens as business demands evolve? They are time-stamping our area with a successful 2021 business model that may no longer be relevant as all these tax abatements expire. I guess that is one way to be correct in labeling all land as Economic Redevelopment Areas and TIF Districts. They are just doing it 15 years too early as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Submission #12
Submission #13 How can Town Staff be surprised that Indianapolis Raceway Park wants no association with the Town of Brownsburg? These industrial plans confirm Brownsburg's identity as the black sheep of Hendricks County. The dirty, smelly, polluted, noisy, overcrowded black sheep. Zionsville, Avon and Pittsboro should fear us now that Town development policies have no protections for residential properties. If you think this is a conflict between annexed Brownsburg vs unincorporated Brownsburg, think again, my friends. Just wait and see what happens to poor, little Clermont as their Town turns into a trucking route. These zoning abuses and negative impacts will only spread to more borders as the "speed to market" industrialization continues.
Oh, boy! This one is a contender for sure. Brownsburg residents are starting to see what is happening as the walls go up on Industrial Warehouse #1, not realizing that plans are already confirmed for about 17 more of those suckers and standards have already been watered down to add more with no citizen participation on development plans. If only the citizens of Brownsburg 2025 could travel back in time and warn everyone... or maybe they are just too busy swimming and playing baseball? Bahahahaha!!! Submission #14
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